AMF is a financial accelerator and incubator propelling entrepreneurs towards growth and success


Through Artest and Makan Financial, we provide financial services that will accelerate individual clients, direct-to-consumer companies, fintech, healthcare, entertainment, and sports ventures, providing the financial and operational resources necessary to drive innovation.

Growth Accelerator Services

Financial Modeling, Accounting, Bookkeeping,Risk Management, Business Development Consulting Services, Business Management, Process Engineering.

Marketing and Technology Services

Leveraging the expertise of AMG’s internal marketing and technology firms to amplify our market presence and resources for efficient staffing solutions.

Advisory Services

Access to AMG’s Advisory and Portfolio companies creating additional operational support.

Strategic Value Add

Client Acquisition

Benefit from inbound opportunities through our extensive network, including sports agencies, vertical entities, and partnerships enhancing our client base and investor returns.

Enhanced Returns through Clientele Leverage

Our founders’ involvement drive substantial inbound interest and opportunities. Our investor relations teams assists in maximization of inbound opportunities.

Inbound Clientele Maximization

AMF strategically harnesses substantial inbound clientele, enhancing investor returns. AMG ensuring heightened investor returns, solidifies AMF’s position for sustained growth.

"Together, our mission is to create meaningful change by investing in, supporting, and educating individuals and communities across various industries."

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