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What We Do

Artest Management Group (“AMG”) provides growth strategy, strategic advisory and consulting to technology companies, talent and content creators.  


Our Approach

AMG is comprised of a network of subject matter experts with deep relationships that delivers results for our clients. We evaluate and vet each prospective client thoroughly utilizing a data driven process to determine if there is a mutual fit.  


Our Mission

To unleash our clients full growth potential and facilitate opportunities that provides a path to exponential growth and create an unfair competitive advantage  


Artest Management Group

A venture studio entitized in 2015, AMG Inc. ideates, invests, and incubates paradigm-shifting ventures on a global scale to solve big problems. 

By 2027, we are targeting a multi billion dollar company by strategically assembling a venture portfolio of high-growth, sustainable companies across the Americas, Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.


We are focused on delivering growth opportunities to our clients by providing services around marketing, celebrity sponsorships, public relations, strategic partnerships and more. Our deep relationships and rolodex allow us to discover, facilitate and negotiate superior growth opportunities.


While reviewing each prospective client, we take a deep dive in understanding your short and long term goals. After accepting a new client, we spend time analyzing the business to develop a strategy roadmap that we work together to execute key success points that deliver both short term and long term shareholder value.


With deep industry relationships and an experienced team who has navigated multiple companies from inception to exit, we provide consulting and advisory around all key business areas including marketing, public relations, operations, accounting, capital raising and exit opportunities.


“It’s really all about teamwork. I learned that principle on the court, and I always bring that same mindset to my businesses. Try to find a team, don’t do anything on your own if you don’t have to, and delegate well. No one person can do it all, and I’m grateful to have been surrounded by a strong team that balances out my weaknesses with their strengths.” – Metta World Peace 

Metta World Peace

Metta World Peace


Metta World Peace is a former NBA Champion turned investor and entrepreneur. Metta has launched several companies such as XvsX Sports, The Panda’s Friend, SaySo Entertainment, and more. He has a passion for technology and startups and takes the same champion style approach on the court to the business world.

Heidi Buech

Heidi Buech


Heidi Buech is a PR expert and multifaceted executive responsible for the success of several high profile projects and celebrities. Heidi has sourced, negotiated and managed several multi-million dollar projects within the technology, publishing, and TV & entertainment industry.

Phillip Sanders

Phillip Sanders

Stategic Advisor

Phillip Sanders is an investment professional that has led early stage investments and finance for clients across technology, real estate and venture capital. Philip served as a Fellow at Kapor Capital and now serves as an Investment Principal at New Media Ventures.

Gerard Casazza

Gerard Casazza

Strategic Advisor

Gerard Casazza is a finance and strategy professional who has led corporate development and finance for both private venture backed and public companies, raising over $150M and completing acquisitions totaling over $500M in transaction value. He is currently the founder of New Age Global Advisory.

Stephen Stokols

Stephen Stokols

Strategic Advisor

Stephen Stokols is a serial entrepreneur who has successfully built and exited several technology companies. Stephen was the founder of WooMe and FreedomPop, where he raised over $120M and led both companies from idea to acquisition. Stephen currently serves as the CEO of Boost Mobile

Target Clients

AMG is looking to work with start ups and matures companies as we provide value ad services to our portfolio companies. 

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