A holdings company with a data driven and logistics focused accelerator and incubator
Artest Management Group (AMG Inc.) Artest Management Group Inc C Corp, is a holdings company with an incubator and accelerator. AMG Inc works with its project managers to add value to its verticals, services and portfolio

advisory and services

AMG services align horizontally across our verticals in areas such as our Incubator and accelerator in addition to the revenue from service fees.

Our services include sports management, tax accounting, legal , reconciliations, bill pay, marketing consultation , PR , investor relations, e-commerce, AI and big-data and more.

Our In house marketing vertical can service our athletes and their companies and also collect data that can lead to our own IP from CRM’s to our paid ad secret sauce.

Our Athlete CRM strategy helps AMG understand the power in athletes data.

Our influencer marketing team will explore all options to use influencer marketing to bring awareness to our athletes, projects and in return adding value back to our influencers.
Broad internal sales strategy to help AMG portfolio companies grow by applying best sales practices.

Sports business division for access to top sporting events and top athletes.

Elite business advisors to help grow our portfolio companies and our athletes business models.

Our tech solutions are optimized to assist growth and business understanding.


We are focused on delivering growth opportunities to our clients by providing services around marketing, celebrity sponsorships, public relations, strategic partnerships and more. Our deep relationships and rolodex allow us to discover, facilitate and negotiate superior growth opportunities.

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Our strategic approach is centered around maximizing returns and mitigating risks for our partners and clients. Through diligent market research, thorough due diligence, and careful analysis, we identify promising prospects across various sectors. We leverage our extensive rolodex and strategic partnerships to unlock unique opportunities .

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With deep industry relationships and an experienced team who has navigated multiple companies from inception to exit, we provide consulting and advisory around all key business areas including marketing, public relations, operations, accounting, capital raising and exit opportunities.

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“It’s really all about teamwork. I learned that principle on the court, and I always bring that same mindset to my businesses. Try to find a team, don’t do anything on your own if you don’t have to, and delegate well. No one person can do it all, and I’m grateful to have been surrounded by a strong team that balances out my weaknesses with their strengths.” – Metta World Peace

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Accelerating Founders, People, Ideas & Companies

Assisting CEOs and Founders to successfully bring their company in front of Investors and secure funds!

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